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    Looking for passenger side front bumper trim thats is under the headlight. P/N 68155786AA. I would prefer white but any other color will do. located in Richmond TX 77469 Thank you!
  2. General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    I have an 2006 300c.. 110,000 miles having the common clunking noise in the front end.. I have replaced: -inner & outer tie rods -shocks & springs (SRT designs) -upper control arms c/w ball joints -Sway bar links -wheel alignment -and most recently tension struts... I am running out of parts...
  3. Appearance General Discussion
    Sup? I want to replace my OEM 2008 front grille wing (it's a DUB chrome wire mesh grille) with a new 2012 wing. I have the new wing, and want to know if anyone has done this already ? Does the OEM grille wing come off easily? I know the space for the wing is different, and will have to be...
  4. 2010 5.7 Hemi mods

    2010 5.7 Hemi mods

    Front view of 2010.