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  1. Dash Gauges, Lights & Fan Flipping On/Off

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Hoping someone can help give an idea what's up with an issue I have with my 2005 300C. Randomly while driving, the dash cluster shuts off - in addition the AC fan shuts off - very briefly for 1-2 seconds - then all comes back on (with all lights on dash flashing on as it comes back to life)...
  2. 300c Fuel Gauge Problems?!

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone, For awhile now I've noticed it but it's only until a few days ago where it is really starting to bug me. My fuel gauge and also my DTE menu has some weird problems. My gauge and DTE fluctuate quite a bit when full tank to about half tank, but it's not that much of a problem...
  3. Instrument Cluster DEFINED [2006 300 AWD]

    General Discussion
    I am new to having a 300 and so I am not terribly familiar with the icons that appear in the instrument cluster. There is one icon that has appeared and so I searched the net for a breakdown of the display, however I could not find one. :dunno: So I thought I would pop in and ask you all if you...