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head lights
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  1. General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Good afternoon. On my 2014 300C, my headlights started turning off while driving. If I turn the headlight switch to parking lights and then back to on - the headlights come back on. Maybe for 2 minutes or 5 or 10. They have come back on every time (so far). All of my other lights are...
  2. 1st Gen SRT8-Specific General Discussion
    Love the HID output but with the cost of bulbs and ballasts it's not worth it for me as they keep going out. On my last 2 300c's I just replaced the stock halogen bulbs with led conversion bulbs (direct fit) and they worked perfectly. Anyone know what I need for this conversion and how to...
  3. Lighting Discussion
    I absolutely despise the stock halogen bulbs on my 300. They're not bright and there's hardly a difference between Hi/Lo beams. my previous vehicle was a 2010 fusion which i had 8000k HIDs as the highbeams and stock halogen for the low beams. This was a great setup, as i usually drive i drive a...
  4. CRD Electrics / Electronics / Lighting
    Hi! I'm a new owner of a 2008 300C CRD Touring (europe) Does anyone know how to set up the light options in auto mode? 1. I would like to have my park lights on when the engine is running and I have the light switch in "AUTO" I'm thinking about mounting some LED day running lamps which...
  5. Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    SOLD.....i have a 2006 300C that i just swapped out the tail lights and head lights... the tails look nearly brand new, no damage whatsoever...only slight scratches from normal wear at 65k miles and 6 years of driving around. The tails have the bulbs and wiring harness's included. SOLD the...
  6. Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    blackout tail light and head light covers good condition with extra tail light cover asking $60 4325532863 ask for steve
1-6 of 6 Results