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  1. U.S. vs Euro Headlamps, RHD to LHD Options

    UK & Europe Regional Forum
    I have to change my headlamps from RHD to LHD as part of the requirements to re-register my UK car here in Spain. Does anybody know whether lights from the U.S. would be identical to those on European models? (as in whether I can buy from the U.S. or have to ensure it is originally from a...
  2. P213C & flickering headlights & heating

    UK & Europe Regional Forum
    Hi there firstly - love the 300C and despite having a little history of issues, love my car ! however, despite this, in the last week the dreaded red lightning light has appeared on the dash for the ETC, not always on every trip, and not always at first when driving. After three consecutive...
  3. SOLD: 300C OEM Tail lights and Head Lights

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    SOLD.....i have a 2006 300C that i just swapped out the tail lights and head lights... the tails look nearly brand new, no damage whatsoever...only slight scratches from normal wear at 65k miles and 6 years of driving around. The tails have the bulbs and wiring harness's included. SOLD the...
  4. HID Headlamp Brightness

    Car Audio/Alarms/UConnect/Navigation
    I am now the proud owner of a Chrysler 300C. I'm always up and on the go before the sun rises in the morning because of my job and I've noticed that when I start the 300C, the HID lamps are extremely bright when starting, but shortly thereafter the brightness is reduced. Any ideas?