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  1. Headlight goes out after a minute

    CRD Electrics / Electronics / Lighting
    Hi all, I am hoping someone may have some suggestions for me I have a 2012 Chrysler 300 LX that has a problem with a headlight. The vehicle is factory fitted with the HID Xenon style globes. The problem is that I turn the headlights on, one of them is momentarily overbright then drops to...
  2. Aftermarket Headlights - DayLight issue

    2005-2012 LX models: Yearly Changes and New Featur
    Hi guys, Maybe one of you could help/guide me on this issue that has been bothering me for sometime now. I have a 2008 V8. First let me tell you, I have changed all my car bulbs to LEDs. Hight/Low lights (with these headlight, it uses one bulb for both), Turn signals, Side markers, Reverse...
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    Vendor Deals
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  4. Which headlight do you prefer?

    General Discussion
    I am trying to decide which headlight would fit better on a 2005 Chrysler 300c. I have attached the headlights i am looking at. Please let me know
  5. WTB: HID Headlight Assemblies 05 300C

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    Looking for a new or used in very good condition set of headlight assemblies for 2005 300C. Bulbs and Ballasts are not wanted, just the assembly. Mine seem to have gotten foggy from the inside, thus a restore kit does no good. I also have not been impressed with the look of any aftermarket parts...
  6. HID Kit

    General Discussion
    I have factory xenon's both ballasts are out, can anyone recommend me a good d1s hid kit? Thanks
  7. moisture in headlight cover, now low beam failure

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    I washed my '05 300C, and later that day I noticed water on the inside of the driver's side headlight cover. While driving that night the driver's side headlight (HID) suddenly turned off. I bought a new bulb and installed it, but it still didn't work. Pulled the fuse to confirm that it's...
  8. Hid ballast

    General Discussion
    Hi can anyone tell me the best and cheapest place to buy replacement HID ballast for a 2005 Chrysler 300C 5.7 litre? I took one out and was told it is a 4 pin. I just do not want to spend $400 per side that seems a little much. I had found on ebay but not there anymore. They were $125 on...
  9. Headlights move up and down.

    Lighting Discussion
    Hi There, I am new to this site and am hopefully able to gain some answers to a few problems that I am having with my 2007 SRT. Ok, here I go: 1. My headlights move up and down at random whilst driving. It's as if they were loose and moving freely. 2. I have a clunking noise coming from my...
  10. Will touring HID's fit 300c headlights?

    Lighting Discussion
    ok guys I've been wanting to do the 300c front end conversion on my touring. I already have HID's on but I was wondering if I would have to buy a whole new HID setup for the 300c headlights?
  11. Low Beam flicker problem

    Lighting Discussion
    I've got a 2005 300c 5.7 - originally fitted with factory Xenon D1S HIDs. Last year, one of the lights started flickering badly. I moved the bulb around to see if it was the bulb or the ballast, but it looked like the bulb, so I got some 6000K units from Ebay. One of them faulted straight out of...
  12. delay when turning on/off LEDs & Halos

    Lighting Discussion
    Howdy fellas, I've run into a small problem with my headlights hoping I can get some direction here. I have 3 leds that are supposed to light up with my halos when I turn my daytime running lights on. When I do there is a delay anywhere from 3-25 seconds when turning them on and or off. The...
  13. Electronic Dash Failure

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    I am new to this site but am looking for help on an issue with my 2005 Chrysler 300. My issue is that when driving down the road the SPEEDOMETER, TACHOMETER, FUEL GAUGE AND ALL OTHER LIGHTS AND GUAGES will turn off then usually right back on. Recently the BAS/ESP light came on after the system...