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  1. Issues when 'cold'| Passenger airbag/seatbelt light & blower motor not working

    CRD Electrics / Electronics / Lighting
    Having some troubles with the electronics of the 300C Touring. When it stand still for a period of time (min. 10 minutes or overnight), the passenger airbag/seatbelt light stays on and the blower motor (heater and A/C) isn't blowing any air around. Buckled the seat belt from passenger side...
  2. Heater & A/C Issue ---- HELP

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    2005 300c - built April 2004 - purchased May 2004 - currently 277,000 km .. - dual auto temperature controls - navigation Air Conidtioner suddenly stopped working last summer (2013-June) and the dealer replace one of the computers (ECM or PCM) and it started working ... then stopped again in...
  3. -21C outside, no heat inside!

    General Discussion
    My 300 has never been one to blow hot air, and it has usually taken longer than I'd like to get the warmth that I like... But now that it's -21C outside it has become an issue. My 40 minute drive this morning started out with the car barely turning over, followed by arctic conditions INSIDE the...
  4. Intermittent HVAC Position Selector Light (tap it enough and it works)

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    More accurately, the knob that selects where the hot or cold air goes. One of the sections is intermittently lighting and extinguishing. My guess, bulb on the way out. After disassembling the cluster, the circuit board contains the base into which the lamps appear to be soldered to the...