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hid headlamp

  1. General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    I have tried replacing the bulb with a good bulb, but it still won't light up. Will I have to replace the Headlight Assembly?f
  2. General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Ok guys I have a 2006 300c srt8 I bought the car last winter and 2 days ago I noticed I had a headlight out drivers side so I turn my lights off and back on and the headlight came back on so tonight after work me and a buddy noticed it was flickering and was a different color than the passenger...
  3. Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    As the title states, I'm looking to purchase 300c srt8 healights(HID) in no worse than very good condition. I really need the driver side but if you have both I'll take it if the price is right.
  4. Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    WTB Drivers side HID Headlamp assy with leveling. Needs to fit a 2006 300c srt8. Thanx [email protected]