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  1. Lighting Discussion
    My 2006 300c srt8 is starting to show some wear and tear so i replaced the foglights, put 35 watt hids in them and had the bumper repaired / resprayed. The problem I have now is that the headlights look wayyy too old. I have polished my headlights previously and restored them but now the plastic...
  2. Lighting Discussion
    Hey guys, just want to start out by saying im a new member, but not new to the forum. Ive been lurking since the day i bought my 300C :) so much great info here I love the look of HID's my 300C has factory HID's with projectors, and they just dont seem as bright as other vehicles on the road...
  3. Lighting Discussion
    I've got a 2005 300c 5.7 - originally fitted with factory Xenon D1S HIDs. Last year, one of the lights started flickering badly. I moved the bulb around to see if it was the bulb or the ballast, but it looked like the bulb, so I got some 6000K units from Ebay. One of them faulted straight out of...
  4. Lighting Discussion
    I've been looking for a replacement set of halo headlights compatible with my stock Hid's Is there anyone that makes a true plug 'n' play set to utilize my stock Hid's without a mod. eg. (taking them apart) Black (tinted) preferably.
  5. Lighting Discussion
    Alright folks, long time lurker, very rare poster... Love the site and all the info it offers but I am having a problem solving a few issues with my car (2006 300c srt8). The other day, one of the bulbs on the low beams turned pink. It now looks like my car has pinkeye. Friggin sweet... so I...
  6. HID Fog Lights

  7. DSC00954

    8000K/10000K HID Set Up
21-27 of 27 Results