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  1. Engine
    Hey all I’m new to this forum and my question isn’t can I, but rather what would be needed for me to put a 6.4 intake manifold on my 2006 5.7 300c. Currently running AEM CAI and pedal commander no tunes. I hear about fuel lines and I would like to hear what everyone has to say.
  2. General Discussion
    I did a pretty significant tear down of the top end of my 07 3.5L AWD. The intake, especially the short runner butterfly valves were severely gummed up I thoroughly cleaned the inside of the intake, especially the shaft between the ports, using carburetor cleaner and simple green, as well as a...
  3. 5.7 V8 Engines
    Well it's the time of year when profit sharig checks hit the bank and I decided instead of putting it towards bills, retirement, groceries or some other bland nonsense I'd buy some car parts. I have a 2010 300C, I've been wanting to get a better manifold/TB and have finally decided to just do...
  4. 1st Gen SRT8-Specific General Discussion
    Good morning all, I have a bit of a strange situation with my 2006 Chrysler 300c SRT8 with the 6.1. I recently changed the intake manifold gaskets and plenum (I used no RTV on either). I changed them because of oil seepage from the intake area and a major leak on both sides of the intake. After...
  5. 2nd Generation Chrysler 300 Discussion
    Benefit from my experience... If you're pulling out your hair trying to track down a misfire gremlin and all seems ok, check the intake manifold seams. The seams can open and cause vacuum leaks which in turn cause mixture variations and misfires.
1-5 of 5 Results