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  1. Strange battery issue

    General Discussion
    This started over the weekend (Saturday) tried to go out and can't get the doors to unlock via the remote start. I managed to eventually get the passenger door to unlock via button on the handle and was able to access the vehicle. I get in the car and won't start at all even placing the fob on...
  2. Keyfob reprogramming

    2nd Generation Chrysler 300 Discussion
    This morning I took my 300 into the dealer to get the brakes fixed. I also brought in my spare keyfob, which appeared to be dead. It turns out that it was working fine; the car no longer recognized it. I paid $167 to get it (or the car?) reprogrammed, and all is again fine. I am concerned...
  3. snapped key - replacement options (europe)

    General Discussion
    Hello forum folk, i've trawled the previous replacement key threads and can't find any that refer to European supply, so here's hoping someone can help. I have my (only) key - but it has snapped. It is a U.K. 2006 300C CRD, but I am in Ibiza, Spain. The Chrysler concession here want an...
  4. Key fob programming from scratch

    General Discussion
    The battery in my 2005 300C died completely (don't ask) and now none of my key fobs work. Is there a procedure to program the car / fobs that doesn't require having at least one working fob? Thanks.