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  1. Key Repair and Reconditioning Resource

    UK & Europe Regional Forum
    I had hell of a time finding somewhere to fix my snapped key recently, and didn't particularly want to pay the local dealer's 500€+ quote, nor wait the 6 weeks turnaround time. Found this guy, £60 included cutting new blade from old snapped key, recon and new case. Much quicker too, even with...
  2. snapped key - replacement options (europe)

    General Discussion
    Hello forum folk, i've trawled the previous replacement key threads and can't find any that refer to European supply, so here's hoping someone can help. I have my (only) key - but it has snapped. It is a U.K. 2006 300C CRD, but I am in Ibiza, Spain. The Chrysler concession here want an...
  3. Remote Key Problem

    General Discussion
    Hey guys. I have a 2007 Chrysler 300C (manufactured in Austria) and lost one of the keys to my car so I was looking for a replacement to buy online but I found a problem, my key has 3 buttons and selling on the Internet have 4, my key has no panic button (you can see on the picture) the question...
  4. Replacement Key - Cheaper Option

    Australia / NZ Forum General Discussion
    Hi all, I have a 2008 300c that I bought second hand and it only came with one key. I've just taken it for its first service at Albion Chrysler in Brisbane and wanted to get a second key for it at the same time. The guy has quoted me around 700 bucks. I figured it was going to be dear from...
  5. Key issue FOBIK keyless entry key

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Have a question for other owners out there. I just got a replacement key for my 2009 300C under warranty. The key began malfunctioning within the first year of ownership. Symptoms included multiple presses needed to open doors, trunk open function failed to work, and remote start not working. I...
  6. Broken Remote - Key question

    General Discussion
    My husband and I bought a 2005 300 about two months ago. About a week ago we noticed the RKE batter low warning and replaced the battery...after which it worked fine until yesterday. Now this morning the remote wont work at all. Tried to replace the battery again and nothing. Will the key turn...
  7. Broken keys, HELP!!!!!

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Hi all I'm new to the forum, my girl friend has a 2005 300 and after starting the car her key's fill apart in her hand and the car turned off. I took her key to a guy who replaced the outer piece and recut the key he used the curcit board from the old key. The unlock and lock works great but now...