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  1. Leather dash lifting

    2nd Gen SRT8- Body & Interior
    Hi all New to the srt8s, done some research and note the lifting dash leather can cause some heartache. Looking to buy one with the lifting occouring at the merge point of dash and windscreen. Does anyone know of a fix for this without calling a glazier to take the window out and drop a new...
  2. Does Chrylser Use Real Leather?

    2nd Generation Chrysler 300 Discussion
    I have always been a GM man, and this 300 is my first and only Chrysler in 35 years. I love the car and only left GM because they stopped making big American cars, in favor of small crap cars that ride like a Japanese tin box. I have a 2006 DTS (Cadillac) in bought new and the leather in it...
  3. EXPIRED: fast srt8 22,500$ w/turbo+tunned

    Car Buy/Sell Forum
    2007 crysler 300 this car has the factory 20" with good tires, custom front bumber with fog lights and grille, h.i.d lights, smoked tailights, black tint, lambo doors, cealing back, 6.1 hemi, aluminum aftermarket heads,<<forgot the name.. Procharger turbo, blow off with custom fuel pump...
  4. EXPIRED: 300 srt8 Tx.2007

    Car Buy/Sell Forum
    afast as car
  5. F/S: OEM All Black Leather Steering Wheel

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    For sale is my old steering wheel from my Touring. I bought the Tortoise Shell one (ridiculous decision it looked totally fake) but alas I have sold the Touring, bought a 300C (which came with real burl wood) and now have the all leather one from the Touring sitting in a box in my closet. Its...