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led conversion

  1. 2016 300c LED Headlights for projection lenses.

    Appearance General Discussion
    I'm having an issue finding anything at all where anyone has replaced the stock 9005 halogen bulbs with LED's. I purchased some Sylvania Silverstar zXe to replace the stock bulbs and they are a little better. I'm an electrician and prefer the bright white of LED's all day over the brothel...
  2. How to swap OEM HID's for halogen?

    1st Gen SRT8-Specific General Discussion
    Love the HID output but with the cost of bulbs and ballasts it's not worth it for me as they keep going out. On my last 2 300c's I just replaced the stock halogen bulbs with led conversion bulbs (direct fit) and they worked perfectly. Anyone know what I need for this conversion and how to...
  3. Interior LED Conversion - 2015 Updates - 300S

    Lighting Discussion
    Hey guys, I decided to start a new thread for my 2015 300S Interior LED conversion because many of the bulb types and bulb locations I reviewed have changed since the older LED threads were posted. Additionally, I specify "Interior" conversion because on MY15, most, if not all the exterior...
  4. 2nd Gen LED headlight conversion anybody? (Not Halos)

    Lighting Discussion
    Ive been doing a little research on headlight conversions and LED conversion caught my attention. VLEDS seems to have a 9006 headlight kit but i cant seem to find anyone on the forum that has done a LED headlight conversion before. Im looking to switch from my halogen projectors to something of...