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  1. Side view glass LED

    General Discussion
    My 300C 2008 came with LED in the side view mirrors, as shown in the picture I’ve attached. One of them broke recently. And I can’t seem to find the same glass anywhere. I found one by Burco, but they don’t have auto dim in their. Is it possible to get the same glass? Or something similar with...
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    Vendor Deals
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  3. 2006 Chrysler 300C Heritage Edition - HID to LED

    Lighting Discussion
    I have had my 2006 Chrysler 300C Heritage edition for almost 9 years now, and the headlight lenses are in terrible shape. I have tried using those headlight restore kits, but they really don't work that well. I was looking on and seeing if I could replace my HID headlights with brand...
  4. New chrome Spyder tail lights on my wagon

    Lighting Discussion
    Just thought I'd share my latest upgrade Spyder chrome tail lights on my 06 wagon These were purchased on eBay and were for a Dodge Magnum They are a perfect fit on my car They're were easy to install They look good and are really bright I replaced the turn bulb with an LED for a cleaner look...
  5. Side turn mirror LED light not working

    2nd Gen SRT- General Discussion
    I have a 2012 300SRT and I noticed my passenger-side turn LED on the mirror wasn't working. I can't imagine an LED bulb/ circuit board could die less than 2-years old. Is there a fuse I can check???
  6. LED Bulbs Problems!!!

    Lighting Discussion
    Alright so I just installed my new Putco LED Bulbs for my taillights/brake lights. Now when I turn on my blinkers it blinks twice as fast... like it would if you had one bulbs out, But both of them blink every time... just twice as fast. Is there any fix that I can do you make them blink a...
  7. EXPIRED: Mad eye lids, AAC interior LED conversion bulbs, Oznium LED dimmer/strobe controller

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    Everything has sold, thank you all for viewing! First up pair of Brilliant Black VIP 300C mad eye lids, used them on my car for 2 months before I sold it, still in great condition. You'll need some new 3m double sided tape for installation. One of the eye lids corner is slightly rounded off...
  8. 3 Grill Lighting - LED

    3 Grill Lighting - LED

  9. Gunmetal Smoked LED Taillights

    Gunmetal Smoked LED Taillights

  10. Superluminations LED tail light - single

    Superluminations LED tail light - single

    20-lite tower, part #3157/Red from eBay
  11. Superluminations LED tail lights

    Superluminations LED tail lights

    20-lite tower, part #3157/Red from eBay