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  1. Lighting Discussion
    anyone know how to replace the fog lights in the new 300?
  2. Lighting Discussion
    My 2006 300c srt8 is starting to show some wear and tear so i replaced the foglights, put 35 watt hids in them and had the bumper repaired / resprayed. The problem I have now is that the headlights look wayyy too old. I have polished my headlights previously and restored them but now the plastic...
  3. 2005-2012 LX models: Yearly Changes and New Featur
    First of all, I am aware that this forum is for the C and SRT guys, but I joined because I'll need to ask stuff from you guys and gals later. I have a 2007 300 Touring up here in Victoria, BC, Canada that I've noticed has what seems to be 2 different headlight assemblies. The D.S. has 2 park...
  4. Lighting Discussion
    I just recently installed 8k hid low beams and when i turn them on the amber turn signal is on too.. And i dont like how it looks. I was wondering if i can turn it off, so that only the hid are on.. And only wen im gonna turn the amber lights turn on... Is that possible?? Help??