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  1. General Discussion
    cyl 6 reactivation control preformance . so we was checking # mds solenoid #6 and it broke so we replaced it , still has a problem when looking at the data pids mds for cyl #6 is active ? no other cyl just 6 , no injector pulse on 6 , im assuming when the mds is active it also shuts down...
  2. 5.7 V8 Engines
    06 300c w 5.7L 114k miles. I had a knock sensor code on originally so I replaced the knock sensor and as per the tech spark plugs as they had never been replaced. I had a code come back now it's p3400 MDS solenoid fault bank 1. I had him replace the MDS solenoids as they were dirty and pretty...
1-2 of 2 Results