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  1. Painting my grille

    Painting my grille

    Second coat of Rustoleum Lacquer black gloss paint. I did three coats waited about 1hr in between each coat w/ a space heater about ten feet away from the grille came out fine. Nice glossy finish.
  2. Venom Hood mesh size?

    Custom Grilles & Trim
    A body shop will be installing this hood for me. :32: While the car is apart I want to do the updated grill too, but would like to match the mesh of the hood with the mesh of the grill (and bottom bumper mesh inserts also). Suggestions for a great quality grill and inserts appreciated...
  3. Installed 2 new mods! Headlights/grille

    Chrysler 300 Picture/Media Post
    Hey guys just wanted to share a few pictures of my new mods. This was my 3rd and 4th mod done to my car. Went very smoothly, I was able to remove my front bumper off like a pro thanks to the awesome guides here. Splicing the headlights was a small speed bump, a youtube how to really helped me...
  4. black grille & lower mesh inserts

    black grille & lower mesh inserts