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  1. Custom wheels, Offset / bolt pattern.

    Custom Wheels & Tires
    Hello i'm looking at custom wheels but are a little confused on what to get. I have factory 18x7.5 , 5x115 , with an offset of 55mm. ( ) My problem is i can barely find one with 55mm offset. 1) Can I choose one with an offset of 40mm or 45mm...
  2. Im marc, from the Philippines.. HELP & ADVISE NEEDED

    New Member Introductions
    Hi! Need your help and advise. Im marc, from Philippines. My car is a 2013 Chrysler 300c 3.6 V6 here Can any one help me or tel me wat is the best WIDTH 24x10? 24x9.5? 24x9? Wat will be the BEST ET OFFSET? and lastly wat tire size will i use if i will put on 24's? 255.30? Or 275.25? My...
  3. Replacing 17" with 20" wheels

    General Discussion
    I have an '06 300 Limited and I am interested in exchanging the wheels to a set of 20". I am however unsure of what size wheels I need. The Chrysler service department told me my bolt pattern is a 5x115 with a Mid Offset. The wheels I am interested in are 5x115 with either a +15 offset of +40...