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  1. Chysler 300 2.7 V6 2005

    General Discussion
    What is this circled in red and why is it spraying antifreeze all over the engine?
  2. !!??Seized??!!Battery??!!Starter??!!

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    So it all started when my boss told me his car keeps overheating and asked my opinion, which was simple, the thermostat was faulty. After consulting with another backyard mechanic he chose to ignore my diagnosis and listen the the other party that told him it was fine and just had a intermittent...
  3. Cooling fans won't come on..!!!

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    I have a 300c 2.7 from 2005. Recently I have some cooling issues resulting in overheating the engine. Keeping a close watch on the engine temperature I can prevent overheating by turning on the heater and drive with open windows..... believe me..... trying to get somewhere it's not just the car...
  4. 05 300C Overheating problems....Need help ASAP please

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    I've got an 05 300C with almost 130,000 miles on it. It recently started overheating. When it started i could turn the heat on and get the temp to drop. Now I'm not getting any heat at all. I've changed the thermostat and the water pump. I bypassed the heater core to see if that did anything but...
  5. I think I blew a head gasket.

    I think I blew a head gasket but i'm not 100% sure. I'm taking it to a mechanic this weekend. But I'm going up a hill and I hear a clacking noise so I switch lanes to get off at the upcoming exit. As soon as I go to get off the exit, My car cuts off, oil light come on and it start smoking...
  6. Overheat and coolant leak

    Engine Cooling
    Its been over 100 degrees here the past few days. my car got hot yesturday almost to red levels. this morning i had added the lost coolant which was at min level. had not lost too much. turned on my car and let idle after it was at normal temp it stayed there for little while so i turned the ac...