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  1. Throwing Codes P0016 and P1521

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    I can't ever catch a break with my 06 300C... I have a shudder problem from the TC/Tq converter but now something more scary came. I was showing off to my buddy earlier today. it was his first ride in a 300C, and I showed him what it had. I did two pulls both going to about 5k rpm maybe a little...
  2. 2012 300C (Issues with engine and Trans?)

    General Discussion
    Hi all, Before posting this new thread, I went and checked around however most if not all similar posts are related to older models. A bit about the car. It is a V8 bought used with 25k km. still under warranty and have a gold plan. Now it have 53k km. In short I have 3 concerns that I face...
  3. Chrysler 300c 2005 P0520 & p1521 help where do i buy ??

    Problems / Dealer Service
    I got this codes and i know what they mean know but does any one know where i can get the Oil Pressure Switch Part # 05149062aa ???