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  1. Worn paint-door handles

    General Discussion
    I've got an '06 300 SRT. It's in pretty good shape; The paint is in pretty good shape for a non-garaged 13 year old car, except: All the paint around the door handles (mostly in front) is worn off. Has anyone else had this? If so, is it difficult to touch up and/or repaint? (fwiw, it's...
  2. Changing the Turtle shell stuff.

    Australia / NZ Forum General Discussion
    Hey guys and gals, My next project is to change all that turtle shell crap inside my cabin, i won't be going the wrap stuff as i like the glass glossy effect i can get through painting and i can get the speckle the same as the outside. So the centre console is no issue as i'll remove that then...
  3. Deep Lava Red Pearl Repainting/Matching

    Appearance General Discussion
    How different is the factory deep lava red "pearl" paint from actual multi-layered pearl paint? And what's the process vs. conventional metallic paint+clearcoat? The driver side fender and door has been damaged and needs to be replaced & painted, I'm letting the dealership take care of it...
  4. Painting my grille

    Painting my grille

    Second coat of Rustoleum Lacquer black gloss paint. I did three coats waited about 1hr in between each coat w/ a space heater about ten feet away from the grille came out fine. Nice glossy finish.
  5. Touchup Paint

    General Discussion
    I want to get some touchup paint for a few small area's on my 300. I know the color is Cool Vanilla from the past problem's. Might do some area's under the hood later too so was thinking about something more than 0.5 oz that I see around. Anyone ever bought any touchup paint before or know where...
  6. color matched oem grille?

    Custom Grilles & Trim
    Im thinking about getting my oem grille painted color matched cool vanilla. Has anyone done this? I just wanna know if it possible and if it would look good? Post pics if possible.. or maybe I should just go with the grip grille matched up? let me no any thoughts or if anyone has done it...
  7. 2011 300c Paint Problems..Anyone Else?

    Problems / Dealer Service
    I purchased new a 2011 300c in June of this year from Riverfront Jeep and Chrysler in North Aurora, IL. After washing the vehicle the next morning I noticed what appeared to be a shattered appearance of the pearl under the clear. After fighting with the dealer, I had a rep that happened to be...
  8. How To Put a Show Car Finish on Your Chrysler 300

    Detailing Discussion
    How To Put a Show Car Finish on Your Chrysler 300 By Yamabob 3CF Super Moderator Remember how your car looked when it was brand new? Would you like to see your car look that way again? In fact, would you like to drive and show a car with a mirror-like shine that is even “better than...