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  1. Stuck in Park - on side of road!

    UK & Europe Regional Forum
    I towed my caravan 2 hrs today to see today's stage of the Tour of Spain bike race, with the plan to see a number of the coming stages too. I parked beside a fairly busy road and got my bike out to ride a few kms to the race. On my return, when trying to move for the night to a quieter place...
  2. Stuck in park 2006 300c

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Last night while attempting I leave work my car would not go out of park. I googled it and found the problem was a pink piece of plastic below the counsel had broken. I got it to drive with by taking off the counsel and moving the piece in place with a screwdriver. I just wanted to know where I...
  3. 300C Stuck In Park - Pink Thingy - Fix It Yourself $1

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    This is for the people that find themselves with a broken 'pink thingy' and can't get their car out of park and the recall does not cover your VIN. You can fix for under a $1 and it will be better than the original engineering. You will need to remove the center console and remove the shifter...