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  1. Issues when 'cold'| Passenger airbag/seatbelt light & blower motor not working

    CRD Electrics / Electronics / Lighting
    Having some troubles with the electronics of the 300C Touring. When it stand still for a period of time (min. 10 minutes or overnight), the passenger airbag/seatbelt light stays on and the blower motor (heater and A/C) isn't blowing any air around. Buckled the seat belt from passenger side...
  2. Passenger window and mirror fail

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Can anyone help?My 2005 300c passenger window and mirror are not working, from the drivers door switch or passenger switch I have seen a few complaints about this but none explaining the solution, I see other owners have checked fuses and changed switches with no effect. mirror does not adjust...
  3. how to fix passenger door window

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    hey guy just wanted to put sum pics and info about this issue with my 2005 that i fix. This is a easy fix dot it your self type of job.This is to fix the window issue and the passenger side mirror and seat memory. [/URL][/IMG] so basically just pulled or wiggle in a way the black rubber that...