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pink thingy

  1. Pink thingy / drained battery connection?

    General Discussion
    Newbie here with an 05 Chrysler 300, base model. Bought it used last year, and according to the carfax report, not much work was done with it since it was purchased, so most of its parts are original. My shift interlock latch (pink thingy) broke about a month ago. I took it apart the gear...
  2. Gear shifter

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Need help!!!!!! Long story short, 07 300 was stuck in park this morning when I went to leave for work, didn't have time to research anything, I miiiiiiight have pulled on the shifter a little too hard and now it moves freely from park into all gear positions but transmission doesn't actually...
  3. Anyone get their Park Lock Out (Pink Thingy) covered under warranty?

    Problems / Dealer Service
    Anyone get this covered under warranty? I took my Magnum to Stealership today and Service Manager told me it was covered under 7/70k powertrain warranty. WTF!
  4. Pink Thingy in 2008 300C SRT8's?

    General Discussion
    I heard somewhere that the "pink thingy" was redesigned in the 2008 and on LX models and a replacement from BT is no longer needed. Is this correct? Regards, Bob.