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  1. Coolant Leak Behind Passenger Tire??

    Hi guys and Girls!, Thought I would ask here first :) Has anyone experienced a pretty fast coolant leak behind the front passenger tire, near where the tire jack would go? In the coolant reservoir my coolant is reddish orange but where it is leaking it is bright neon green?? please tell me...
  2. Radiator interchangeability

    General Discussion
    I have a 2005 300c AWD that has a leak near the Petcock. I'm still troubleshooting to see if its the radiator or simply the orings in the petcock. Regardless, this prompted me to start searching around about radiators and what I should consider replacing it with. My Build sheet says "NMSS...
  3. Condenser, Steering Cooler and Radiator + Bumper HELPPP

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    I need some help rebuilding the front of my car after I rear ended some old lady who decided it would be a good idea to stop and try and merge on an expressway -____- Front Bumper, front absorber bar, headlights, foam inside bumper, steering cooler, ac condenser, and radiator all coming out. O...
  4. Sudden overheating problem?

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Hello everyone. This is my first time ever being on a forum, so I have no idea if I am posting this in the correct area or anything. Anyways, on to my problem (I'll try to be as specific as possible) Last night, my car started getting abnormally warm. I was not romping on it or anything, just...
  5. Radiator? Hose? Water Pump? Dreaded Head Gasket?

    Hey guys, New Member to the forum but long time visitor. This forum has solved every issue I have come across since I bought my 300c so want to say Thanks:You_Rock_:to everyone for that first of all. Figured now would be a good time to join the Forum since it has been pretty much my user manual...
  6. 2006 300c Is only 1 radiator fan supposed to run?

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Hello, A couple of weeks ago my car started to show warm (above halfway on guage) while driving in town stopped at lights. When taking off again the car would start to go back to regular temp. When the car was warm I noticed the A/C air became warm as well. When temp went back to normal, then...
  7. T-Stat changed out, should the tune be changed?

    Performance General Discussion
    Hey Fellow Members, My Rad had to recently be replaced, and in the process of getting it fixed at a dealership (ran me about $1K :scared: while stuck in Canada). The tech also replaced my 180 T-Stat (without my permission) with the stock 203 T-Stat (He said that the 180 needed to be replaced)...