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  1. General Discussion
    ...due to reliability problems.
  2. 2nd Gen SRT- General Discussion
    Hi everybody I'm about to pull the trigger on purchasing a 2012 with 18K miles. I've heard some reports about alternators suddenly frying, and some comments about rattles, squeaks and leaks that emerge over time. Can anyone give me input on long term reliability, common problems, etc? Many...
  3. 2nd Generation Chrysler 300 Discussion
    First of all I would like to say hello, as it is my first post. In few months I possibly will be in a market for a 1-2 year old car that is up to 28k$. Besides Lexus IS, Ford Mustang, the most reasonable one that grabbed my attention is the 13/14 300S V6 (too bad gas prices are slowly going up)...
1-3 of 3 Results