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  1. General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    I left the house and got gas. I got stopped at a redlight and all of a sudden my rpm dropped to zero so I had to put my car in park and turn it back on but it took a few tries and I also had to rev the car for it to get the rpm back up I don’t understand why my rpm dropped to 0 at a stop
  2. General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    So my pops bought a regular?...(base?) 2006 300 with 22k miles on it for $14.5k and it's CLEAN...but there's a few things I've personally noticed with it....and was wondering if you guys (and gals) could give me a violent shove in the right direction... When the car is idling the RPMs dip for a...
1-2 of 2 Results