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  1. Need real experience advice

    Suspension/Handling Modifications
    So I'm' about to have the rest of my front end done and need to sieze the opportunity to have the "shocks" replaced. When I asked Les Schwab to put in something more performance oriented, more stiffness, they friggin' threw in KYB shocks (struts) and they are basically the same as stock...
  2. Newbie Needing Help!!!!

    General Discussion
    I've got a '06 300C AWD - 107K miles on it. I've never changed the brakes or shocks however I've replaced the CV Axles & Boots twice! It's time to replace the brakes and shocks as well as tires (that's another story). I don't really know what I am doing so I am hoping you guys could help me...
  3. Replacement shocks with stock springs

    Suspension/Handling Modifications
    My C has ~90,000mi on her and it's time for new shocks, I need suggestions! Due to the shitty weathers and roads around here, I'll probably stick with stock springs for now. :ugh1: With that said, I still want some better handling shocks; sportier than stock but still good for soaking up bumps...
  4. Suspension Maintenance at 100k

    Suspension/Handling Modifications
    So i use to work at a place that had quite a few rail roads that are in bad shape for the past few years (industrial port). I want to get my car worked on but really have no clue about suspension maintenance. I have researched the forum and found some great tips...Oh and i have 22" rims which...
  5. shock strut recommendation for 3.5L?

    Suspension/Handling Modifications
    My 08 limited is ready for some new shocks. I'm fairly happy with the original ride. I do run a 20" wheel, but other than that everything else is stock. I'm looking at Monroe, KYB, Bilstein, and Pedders. What's your suggestion? What do you use on your V6? Are any of these going to give me a...