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  1. 2018 300 base. no sound from new speakers

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    I replaced the weak rear speakers today and now they wont make any sound. on this site i found in the dyi section which wire is pos and which is neg. kicker 6x9's 4 ohm. ive done this on other cars and never had an issue but that was years ago. i cant imagine its different now just replacing...
  2. Finally upgraded "Beats" in '16 300S and it is amazing

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    At last i completed the project of upgrading "Beats" audio to get full range up front. At first i just swapped all the speakers and added a 12" sub, but no audio from the front doors was just killing me. hated it, could not live with it. After numerous hours of research finally bought parts that...
  3. 05' 300C BA Converter/Amp Question

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    My car: 2005 300c with the 8 speaker BA sound system and REC radio. I want to upgrade my sound system but I think that it has been already been tampered with by previous owner and that is making the "How To" guides on this forum difficult to follow. I'm a novice at this stuff. I just have a...
  4. 6 speaker alpine system

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    Hey everybody I'm new to this forum and I am a proud owner of a new 2014 Chrysler 300c. I just placed my order through the dealership. I didn't bother upgrading the speaker system and stuck with the 6 speaker alpine unit because I want to purchase aftermarket speakers for a better sound than...
  5. EXPIRED: Who wants audio or lighting stuff?

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    Alright guys this time around I'm letting go of my audio gear. Unfortunately my subs/box are in NH because I can't fit it in my new car so if anyone actually wants to buy the entire system you'd probably want to source some subs from somewhere. Anyway without further delay: Boston Acoustics...
  6. Replacing stock system?

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    I bought a 2005 300 Limited. I love the car it's a first for me. The only problem is that only my front three speakers work. The ones in the door and the rear do not. I've tried the fade and all of that but nothing does the trick. I think the factory amp has gone bad. I want to replace the amp...
  7. Need help with oem amp

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    Alright so I'm new to the site so if I am posting in the wrong spot I apologize in advance. I searched the site for a couple hours and did not find anything that would help me completely. Here is my issue. I just bought a 2005 300. All I know is that it is the touring with the Boston speaker...
  8. Replacing stock speakers on 2011 300 with 10 speaker Alpine system

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    I recently purchased a 2011 300c with the 10 speaker Alpine system. I earlier posted that the bass was pretty pathetic and I was looking at replacing the sub. However, it seems the sub has "broken in" and the bass response really isn't that bad. Don't get me wrong, it won't win any bass contests...
  9. Stock radio/ AMP output

    Performance General Discussion
    I have the 4 speaker set up... can i go 6 or 8 speaker with the same factory amp?? can that amp handle it? or do i need to change the amp entirely??? what speakers are recommended to stay within the stock amp ratio?? please help me out!! just got the car 4 days ago.
  10. EXPIRED: Premium Audio Sound components,chrome and springs

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    I got a 2007 300 Touring. Working on upgrades and I would like to pick up the sound. I believe I have the 6 speaker upgrade but would like to step up to the 8 speaker, 380 watt factory upgrade. I believe this 8 speaker upgrade was in the SRT's and Hemi cars. 1. I need the factory 380 watt...