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  2. General Discussion
    I have a black 2005 Chrysler 300c. I am trying to decide which spoiler will look better, i have attached the spoilers i am looking at. Please let me know your opinion. Thank you
  3. Custom Grilles & Trim
    Recently I purchased an SRT8 style spoiler on eBay. I live in Ontario, shipped, painted (which was a perfect color match to PS2) was about $130 CAD. I didn't want an M3 spoiler, I adore subtlety but the M3 style is almost tooo subtle. :P After I had ordered it I had read horror stories about...
  4. Appearance General Discussion
    Hey guys, So I went on ebay and bought a 3m spoiler for my 300. The problem is that it comes straight, and i need to bend it. I have some ideas on how to do it but I wanted to hear from you all first. My idea was a couple clamps and a heat gun. What do you think? Thanks!
    Hello Everyone, This weeks special is going to be our SRT-8 Factory Spoiler. Give your 300 that updated SRT-8 factory style look at your special forum mber pricing. It is a simple tape on-application so no major modifications need to be done to your vehicle. We also have it available painted...
  6. Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    Hey guys just looking to upgrade/replace a few worn out parts. First off a small factory trunk spoiler to give it that quick mean look. I don't mind if its used just as long as its clean and undamaged. I'd pefer not having to paint it so a brilliant black would be the match. Another one for the...
  7. Fender Trims, pillar post, spoiler & vents

    Fender Trims, pillar post, spoiler & vents

  8. VIP Spoiler, LED brake light Spoiler, spear, trunk bezel

    VIP Spoiler, LED brake light Spoiler, spear, trunk bezel

    US Speed Custom Embroider Mat front/back Putco Chrome Window Visor Putco Taillight Pro Trim Chrome wheel trim Pro Trim Trunk Bezel Pro Trim Chrome Rocker Panel AFE Stage II CAI Euro LED Side Marker Painted Splash Guard 300C Plasma Door Sill A-Pillar Tripod with Boost, Fuel Pressure and Pyro Gauges 3