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steering wheel

  1. General Discussion
    Hey guys, I have tried searching around the forum but have come up short. Has anyone tried swapping a Gen 1 steering wheel with one from a Gen 2? Just curious because I have a 2006 300c SRT8 and my dad has a Gen 2 300s which has a much nicer steering wheel in my opinion. My current wheel is...
  2. General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    I'm brand new, so bare with me if i'm in the wrong topic :) I recently bought a 2005 Chrysler 300c in Sweden. it had a knocking sound from the front, so i replaced tie rod, outer bearings etc. and had it alligned. Everything runs smooth now. After some time i noticed a strange behaviour when...
  3. Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    I have a 2006 300c 5.7 with the wood grain steering wheel, it has the controls for the radio and navigation as well. I am looking for a good condition SRT8 black steering wheel to buy so I can swap mine. Hopefully someone out there can help me out, Thank you!
  4. Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    I have a 2006 300c and I have been doing the full conversion to SRT8 (Engine, Trans, and all major stuff last) but what I have not been able to find are these: 1. Black heated SRT seats (needs to be in good condition) 2. Black SRT Center console 3. SRT Steering Wheel 4. SRT Front and Rear...
  5. Car Audio/Alarms/UConnect/Navigation
    So I finally got my double din pioneer avhx2500bt system put in Friday and realized the shop I took it to didn't hook it up right. I Got the bezel kit from ebay which included the scosche s31 and all wiring which claimed to keep my factory amplifier. When I picked up the car I realized I still...
  6. Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    SOLD!! Selling a 2006 300C SRT8 steering wheel with EVIC controls that I purchased from a member on another forum last month. Asking $100 shipped. Thanks!