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  1. 2010 5.7 Hemi mods

    This picture was taken earlier along side my 1985 Kawi 750Turbo which is close to being on the road again.
  2. 2010 5.7 Hemi mods

    The sound of the engine is now a HEMI (even without louder pipes)! The strut brace makes the front end feed back noticeable and the car fells much more stable on turns.
  3. 2010 5.7 Hemi mods

    Before I go to upgrade the hood, grill, and rims (waiting for Spring clean roads) I did these mods. The sound of the engine is now a HEMI (even without louder pipes)!
  4. Suspension/Handling Modifications
    So i use to work at a place that had quite a few rail roads that are in bad shape for the past few years (industrial port). I want to get my car worked on but really have no clue about suspension maintenance. I have researched the forum and found some great tips...Oh and i have 22" rims which...
  5. Suspension/Handling Modifications
    Hello, The Chrysler dealer told me I needed a new tension strut. I decided to call around for a better price on the job and the garage I called doesn't know what a "tension strut" is. Does it go by some other name? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks
1-5 of 5 Results