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  1. Need real experience advice

    Suspension/Handling Modifications
    So I'm' about to have the rest of my front end done and need to sieze the opportunity to have the "shocks" replaced. When I asked Les Schwab to put in something more performance oriented, more stiffness, they friggin' threw in KYB shocks (struts) and they are basically the same as stock...
  2. Front End Rattle that to many have had this problem and never thought of??

    General Discussion
    2007 300 C..5.7 Hemi MDS Well after parts chasing, for a small rattle going over bumps slow, we replaced the lower control arms, upper control, sway bars Bushings, ends..everything was done, Struts, and disk Calipers..brake etc.. Basically everything, we still have the rattle, but it would go...
  3. She ain't what she used to be! (help)

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Hello, I have a passionate relationship with my 05 300c. I have done everything to treat her right, but she insists on f*%king me! I have 120k miles on her. the car is in AMAZING condition, most everything is new on the front end, and I service regularly, but these are my problems: 1) She is...
  4. shock strut recommendation for 3.5L?

    Suspension/Handling Modifications
    My 08 limited is ready for some new shocks. I'm fairly happy with the original ride. I do run a 20" wheel, but other than that everything else is stock. I'm looking at Monroe, KYB, Bilstein, and Pedders. What's your suggestion? What do you use on your V6? Are any of these going to give me a...
  5. Am I getting messed with by the dealer

    New Member Introductions
    I brought my 2007 300C (with 31k miles) by appointment to Autoland (big highway type dealership) in springfield nj to have the transmission shifter lever-"pink thingy" recall done....they kept the car for most of the day only to tell me they don't have the part in stock- despite the fact that I...