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  1. UK & Europe Regional Forum
    Hi All To avoid any further (preventable) issues, I have just fitted the swirl motor emulator. Took about 10 minutes. Thanks to the custom300Cshop !
  2. CRD Intake / Swirl / Turbo
    I had new injectors fitted to my 3,0 CRD a month ago, which fixed a hot start problem, and all was going well until today. Now the flashing lightnong bolt is on and car feels like it has 60 horsepower, and accelerating from 30-50 takes nearly 30 seconds ! I had already read many threads on...
  3. CRD Intake / Swirl / Turbo
    I thought I'd start a new thread since I didn't see this particular "swirl-fix" discussed anywhere. I was getting stuck in limp mode more and more due to this car's "Achille's Heel" swirl motor failure. Today I took off my turbo inlet pipe and t-piece so I could see where the swirl motor plug &...
1-3 of 3 Results