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tie rods

  1. Tie rods torque

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Attention Admins and forum mods, I am new to forums, should my posting be in the wrong place, I respectfully request that you move it to the proper place. Thank you. Good day. Thank you to all who have contributed a wealth of knowledge on the Chrysler 300 forums, it has been an immense help...
  2. New Tie Rods??

    Suspension/Handling Modifications
    Just went to the stealership today because I feel a slight shudder at high speeds (90 mph +) which of course I don't reach too often :wink1:, and sometimes a "pop" when braking and turning which from experience I know is most likely failing tie rods. I wanted to take it in and have them check...
  3. Suspension Maintenance at 100k

    Suspension/Handling Modifications
    So i use to work at a place that had quite a few rail roads that are in bad shape for the past few years (industrial port). I want to get my car worked on but really have no clue about suspension maintenance. I have researched the forum and found some great tips...Oh and i have 22" rims which...