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  1. General Discussion
    I recently bought a 2007 300 Touring and absolutely love it. In spite of it not being the V8, it still has some giddyup, but I can’t help but wish it had a bit more power. Any suggestions for adding some horsepower without totally breaking the bank? (i.e. superchargers are bad ass but also...
  2. "My Build, My Car!"
    so i have changed the tcm the fuses and relays all of them ad im getting a esp bass light and traction control plus every time i brake its giving me a wobble on the front right wheeel i was thinking it was a wheel speed sensor if so how can i disconnect the abs to not have to deal with this or...
  3. General Discussion
    Hello everybody, I have a 2006 300 touring, 3.5 and am having issues with it Recently. I just bought the car and it ran fine but needed a drive shaft, I bought a driveshaft and had someone install.. a few days later I’m going to leave the driveway and the car just all the sudden slows to a stop...
  4. Appearance General Discussion
    Hey yall, really new to the forums and just got me a ~120k Miles 300 touring in all silver. I know it's not the fastest in the family but I was thinking of adding some nice exterior parts or maybe some contrast to the "Silver Bullet" Looking design. Let me know what you guys think I should do! -Jed
  5. UK & Europe Car Buy/Sell
    Time for a price drop as plate change is complete and the missus is giving me grief! £8999. Alternator light came on last week so have got it rebuilt (cost over £200). Low Mileage (28,000), Full Service History, Immaculate Condition. The mrs hates it so it has to go as I don't fancy making...
  6. Customize Your Ride
    thinking about lowering my 300 touring with eibach springs not sure which i should do the; pro kit 1.6 in in the front 1.5 in rear or the sportline kit 2" drop all around i want the car low but at the same time dont want to scrape over the reflectors in the street lol if any one has any advice...
  7. Custom Wheels & Tires
    I found a nice set of 20" SRT Design rims and I was curious if they will fit on my touring. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks -
  8. Pics of my baby :)

    Look, theres me in my DUB edition mopar Chrome replacement side mirrors for the touring edition (I love that Chrome!)
  9. Pics of my baby :)

    Love the way the tires stick out, don't love the way that when it rains it shoots crap up everywhere...oh well, they look so good, its worth it!!!
  10. Pics of my baby :)

    A pic of my car at the 2007 Summer Thunder car show
  11. Pics of my baby :)

    Gotta love that E&G Grill (now i just gotta get the grill inserts for the fog lights)
  12. Pics of my baby :)

    DAMN, look at the rims!!! LOVE THEM!!! 22" U2 35, with a real deep lip and 265/35-22 Hankook Tires.
  13. Pics of my baby :)

    Got the windows tinted, the JL Audio & DUB stickers on the window, and got the customized license plate, just so ya don't forget whose car this is!!! :)
  14. Pics of my baby :)

    Pics after i got my rims her sitting right! :)
1-17 of 17 Results