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  1. Under $20 for Live Real Time Performance

    Australia / NZ Forum General Discussion
    Under $20 for Live Real Time Performance Info I was intending to tow a caravan (1900kgs fully loaded) with my CRD and was concerned about overheating the transmission, especially when driving up long hills. Wanted to be able to monitor the tranny temp live. After much web browsing and sifting...
  2. Best aftermarket hitch option?

    General Discussion
    Hi guys, wow, it's been forever since I've posted here! Nice to see you all again. I have a 2006 300 Touring and am in the market for a lightweight travel trailer. I called a dealership today about the Mopar vertical hitch receiver and learned that it has been discontinued. I've seen photos of...
  3. Surging at speed

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    I have a 2005 300c that has developed a surge when it is at a constant speed, (most notably around 35). I had a code “P3497” pop up a few weeks ago, I changed the oil and it went out. About a month ago I had the transmission flushed at the local dealer so the fluids are fresh. The car is all...
  4. EXPIRED: Touring Thule Towbar Detatchable 6mths Old

    UK & Europe Parts Buy/Sell
    PRICE DROP TO £140 Bought new from Towequipe in February and removed from my car before sale in June and now in my garage. It is in excellent condition and complete with all fixings, instructions etc. 7pin electrics are included. Cost me £300 so £140 and its yours. PM me for more info / to do a...