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  1. Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    Looking for passenger side front bumper trim thats is under the headlight. P/N 68155786AA. I would prefer white but any other color will do. located in Richmond TX 77469 Thank you!
  2. 2nd Gen SRT8- Body & Interior
    Hi all Anyone know where I can pick up a new carbon fibre dash trim for around the gear selector? Looking for RHD spec, Australia. Should they be different to LHD. Old one is gone, currently has a 3m carbon wrap.
  3. 2nd Generation Chrysler 300 Discussion
    Hello all, Looking to trade my Chrome trim for (ideally) black trim to replace it with. My 300 is a 2013 300C - it's basically covered in chrome and I'd like to see about toning it down a bit. Anyone interested in grabbing some OEM Chrome covers (very good condition, car is 1 year old and...
  4. Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    Hi - A few weeks ago some bright spark decided to scratch my car and pull off the passanger rear thin silver trim. Since then I've been trying to source one, but with little success, are these called 'trims' or 'door moulding / moldings' as I'm running out of luck on the internet. Any help or...
  5. Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    Looking for the OEM door side trim its about 2 inch original, can't find it on ebay, amazon, or google, does anyone recommend any websites? Dealer wants $125 Im just missing one (passenger back door trim) Not the one that fits over the original with the 3m tape, the actual piece. PART #...
  6. Appearance General Discussion
    Hey guys recently I tried painting the chrome trim bellow my head lights and tail lights. However, I did not remove them, because I was unsure as to how they came off. I didn't want to pull them completely off and break them then have my car look like garbage and now know where to get...
  7. Appearance General Discussion
    Hey guys hopefully some of you more experienced C riders can give me some help. Just yesterday I installed my new black vertical grille and I absolutely love it. This is my first car, and my first project, so far so good I'm loving it! Eventually I want all the chrome gone. My next step is the...