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  1. Mystery object on roof headlining of wagon

    General Discussion
    Hello I feel like a bit of a twit asking this (as I'm sure it is probably something obvious) I discovered this sensor or light on the roof interior of my 2006 (Australian model) wagon and I have no idea what it is I've re-read the owners manual and there is no mention of it that I can find...
  2. Dropped wagon tail light thumbscrew into body abyss Help!

    General Discussion
    Clumsy me was fitting new tail lights onto my 06 wagon and dropped one thumbscrew (a glorified wing nut) that holds the light to the body into the "abyss' :pat: (I now know to pack out the cavity with a towel, or similar, in future to prevent this) Anyone with a wagon will know how awkward it...
  3. New chrome Spyder tail lights on my wagon

    Lighting Discussion
    Just thought I'd share my latest upgrade Spyder chrome tail lights on my 06 wagon These were purchased on eBay and were for a Dodge Magnum They are a perfect fit on my car They're were easy to install They look good and are really bright I replaced the turn bulb with an LED for a cleaner look...
  4. Halo front fog lights for 2006 300c wagon

    Lighting Discussion
    Hello all I'd like to upgrade my OEM front fogs for LED halo versions All of the ones I can find seem to be for 300c cars without headlight washers I have an Australian 2006 (touring) wagon with headlight washers Can anyone point me in the right direction? I doubt Dodge Magnum versions would fit...
  5. Finally bought a 300c wagon

    New Member Introductions
    Hello fellow 300c owners I've just bought myself a 2006 Chrysler 300c wagon, hemi, stone white colour I've been ogling these cars for years vowing to own one eventually Well the dream has turned to reality and I pick it up in 3 days It's a fairly low km car (80,000) It's mostly original but...