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  1. Appearance General Discussion
    I own a 2015 300s AWD and have a set of Demon Replicas 20x10.5 anyone know what size tires I need or if they even fit. Shop I went to told me to buy 10.5 instead of 9 but know having trouble with fitment and want me to go stanced stretched tire 235/40/20 which is not the look I’m going for any...
  2. Wheels
    I have decided to get a nice set of sporty after market wheels for my baby. I chose the vossen cv2 in black. I Am going to stick with a 20" rim but I want the tires to be WIDE. But at the same time I don't want any issues with it. How wide of a rim and tire can I do in the rear without any...
  3. Performance Wheels & Tires
    I plan on getting a set of staggered Gianelle Cancun 20s. Im wondering if they will fit without having to do any mods to my 06 300c. heres the szes Size: Front: 20x8.5 Rear: 20x10 Offset: Front: +20mm Rear: +20mm and the tires Size: Front: 245/45R20 Rear: 275/40R20
1-3 of 3 Results