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  1. General Discussion
    Hey i just got in my car and usally when u get in the seats move in and the wheel adjust by itself. It did no do that and plus i could move the wheel in and out and down but it wont move up at all. I opened the bottom panel to check it out and it looks like this is out. Is this a easy fix or...
  2. Wheels
    The other day I was parking the car and of course I chose a spot where the pavement was damaged and basically got a pretty nasty curb rash on my back right wheel. It's not actually that bad but I can't stand knowing it's there. However, I believe this was a sign from the SRT8 God's that I...
  3. Custom Wheels & Tires
    Hello all I own a 2006 300C SRT8, I'd like to fit a 18" Weld S72 wheel in the back with a M/T ET Street S/S in 305/40/R18, what are the best correct fitment numbers to fit this wheel and tire combo. These are the required options to fit the wheel on their website.
  4. Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    Take off from my 05 300C, every button works, tortoise shell top was sanded down & repainted due to peeling. $200 including shipping from 49931. Paypal preferred.
  5. UK & Europe Regional Forum
    All, The last week or so there's been a horrendous rattle from somwhere under the car on the driver's side. It's only bad when travelling at normal town speeds, anything very slow or motorway fast is fine. I initially checked under the car (just on my knees), but nothing was hanging down or...
1-5 of 5 Results