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  1. 2006 Chrysler 300 SRT8 Wheels

    Appearance General Discussion
    I'm sure this topic has probably like beating a dead horse only to have it come back to life to beat it daed again but I've had my 2006 SRT8 for a few months now and I absolutely love the car but, one thing I noticed when I bought it was the factory SRT8 wheels are pitted and dinged pretty bad...
  2. Will Hellcat and SRT Charger wheels fit on my 2011 300?

    General Discussion
    Recently aquired a 2011 300(V6) and my dad has a Hellcat charger with aftermarket wheels we were wondering if we can put the factory hellcat wheels on it without having to worry about rub on the suspension, also whats the largest size wheel you guys recommend?
  3. SOLD: FOR SALE - Factory Reproduction FR73 Demon Replicas w/ Tires

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    FR73 Factory Reproduction Demon Replicas in a custom Brushed Bronze. 20x10.5 with 295/40r20 Atturo AZ800s & 20x9.5 with 275/40r20 Atturo AZ800s. Wheels have about 1000 miles on them. 2 of them were curbed, one of each size, both on the passenger side of the car right after I got them. I...
  4. F/S 3 Brand New Wheels for 300C $250

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    18 inch wheels. These are BRAND NEW Velox Nordica wheels. See pictures. These sometimes go on sale at the manufacturer site for $143 each (regularly $180). I have 3 for sale at $250, so if you need four, go to veloxwheels site for the 4th. I have the lug nuts for four wheels (20). See third pic...
  5. F/S: FS: (4) 18x7.5 Factory Chrome 2014 RWD 300C Wheels and Snow Tires

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    I have for sale a set of (4) 2014 300C RWD (24 Offset) OEM Chrysler wheels in chrome, road force mounted with factory TPMS and Yokohama IceGuard iG51v snow tires. Asking $400 for the set, OBO. Location is SE Wisconsin. Willing to do pickup or meet within a reasonable distance for exchange...
  6. New 22's on 06' Chrysler 300 Limited - Steering Wheel Shake

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    So i received my brand new 22' velocity rims and tires today, they shipped pre- mounted and balanced with about 42psi. (which i already hit a local tire shop and they brought down my psi to 30) I mounted them to my custom 2006 Chrysler 300 limited edition (((LOVE THIS CAR BY THE WAY))) only...
  7. 05 300C RWD 18" Wheel Specs?

    Custom Wheels & Tires
    Hey Folks, I initially started lookin at purchasing a set of winter wheels and tires, but now i'm thinkin of potentially spending a little more and getting a nicer wheel to use in summer and use my stocks in the winter. I'm planning to stick with 18's as our roads are filled with pot-holes at...
  8. Wheels/Tires/TPMS for a 2012 300S AWD

    2nd Generation Chrysler 300 Discussion
    So my black on black 300s is in need of new tires. I'm not a fan of the stock 19s, and I'm aware of the offset difference (the AWDs are +38 all around, correct?). What I haven't found much information on, is what needs to be done regarding the TPMS? I want my TPMS fully functional after the...
  9. F/S: Original 2096 Chrysler SRT8 Wheels with Goodyear Offset Tires

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    Original 2006 Chrysler SRT8 Wheels with Goodyear Offset Tires Original excellent used 2006 not 2096 Chrysler SRT8 wheels with original equipment offset Goodyear tires $600 pickup only Bethlehem Pa. [email protected]
  10. Need help with these new wheels

    General Discussion on Issues / Trouble Shooting
    Okay so I am having some issues here. I had 22x9 wheels on my 2005 chrysler 300c and I ended up hitting a curve bending and cracking my front right passenger wheel So I bought these They are also 22x9 wheels and I was able to use my original tire on it. So once I jacked up my chrysler...
  11. AWD 22" wheel questions + vote!

    Performance Wheels & Tires
    Hi all - I've finally gone through the OE tires and am going to make the jump to 22s. All I have now is a Mopar intake and some light appearance upgrades (tinted windows, tinted tails and corners, black vinyl wrapped chrome trim, black plasti dipped emblems, LED interior swap, etc), so I'm...
  12. WTB: 20x8 MC2 Forged Chrome Wheels/Rim(s)

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    My 2005 300C has MC2 wheels/rims on it. At the time of purchase, they were a dealer add-on. One of the rims cracked, and now I need a replacement. However, the manufacturer has gone out of business. Does anyone have an extra MC2 wheel/rim, or couple extras, that they'd be willing to part with?
  13. F/S: awd chrysler 300 wheels and tires

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    18" AWD chrysler 300 wheels and tires. Will fit rwd with spacers. Tread is low but still has some life to them. I need them gone!! looking for $400 obo message me for details or text me for fastest response (
  14. WTB: Wheels and Tires

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    Looking for Stock or close to stock wheels and tires for my 06 chrysler 300c pm me
  15. SRT wheels/tyres on 5.7 hemi 300c wagon

    General Discussion
    I'm looking to change my existing 22" aftermarket wheels for some stock SRT8 20" wheels on a 5.7 (Australian) wagon I like the look of the 22s but I must admit they ride a bit harsher than I like Also I live in the country and do quite a lot of highway travel on pretty ordinary Australian roads...
  16. SOLD: or Trade 22 in Niche Circuit Wheels

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    5x115 22x9 265/30/22 Bought these for my 2006 SRT8. Only had them on for 500 miles. Paid 1800, asking 1200obo. OR trade for a set of 20's or 22's to fit the AWD 300. Traded srt8 in on a 2014 300c awd. Now i need some wheels for the new ride. Sale or trade, prefer local trade/pickup...
  17. EXPIRED: 2013 300s Wheels (Near Perfect Condition)

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    I'm in 86401 if anyone wants to calculate shipping. I don't have boxes, but happy to take to a shipping place and get them sent out. No TPMS nor tires. Wheels look brand new still. Took them off of my car and got new wheels so no longer needed. No curb rash, no marring, no scratches, they...
  18. EXPIRED: performance and style parts for sale

    Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    I have a polished P1SC head unit with a non polished bracket and bracket hardware, blowoff valve, stage 2 metal mesh air filter, srt8 injectors. This is not a full kit just what is listed. Bought this from Josh at HHP. Just looking to get my money back, decided to go a different...
  19. EXPIRED: QLD 22" Show Wheels 'Intro'

    Australia & Region Parts Buy/Sell Forum
    I have a set of 22 inch Intro Show Wheels to Suit a 300c. They are a $6000 dollar set of wheels delivered here in Aus. I'm looking for a quick sale. Looking for $2500 first in first served. Stud pattern is 5x114.3 tyres are 265 and easy 60% tread. Im on the sunshine coast in QLD Ph Col...
  20. Startech Wheels

    UK & Europe Regional Forum
    Hi All, Im new to this forum, so be gentle.... I have recently picked up a set of Startech 20" for my 2005 Chrysler 3OOC CRD. At present the car is running the standard 18" rims and tyre setup. The Startechs came with 245/40/20 for the front and 275/35/20 for the rear (these need to be...