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My car: 2005 300c with the 8 speaker BA sound system and REC radio.

I want to upgrade my sound system but I think that it has been already been tampered with by previous owner and that is making the "How To" guides on this forum difficult to follow. I'm a novice at this stuff. I just have a basic question about my current setup. In my trunk there are the 3 speakers - or two speakers and a subwoofer I think. In the center of my trunk, under the middle speaker/subwoofer, there is a SNI-35 Adjustable Line Output Converter hanging free about 4-5 inches from the bundle of wires. See pics below.

Pic 1 : The SNI-35 converter which is simply hanging down a few inches from the center speaker/wire bundle.
Pic 2 : A pic of the center speaker/sub-woofer which the converter is hanging from.

I have read that a device like this (SNI-35) should be connected to an amp. It's connected to the wire bundle via several white cables but the two main ports are empty/not connected to anything.

Does this mean that the stock amp may not be hooked up or that the previous owner had this converter connected to his own amp/speaker and simply disconnected it and removed his hardware when he sold the car?

What are my options regarding those two main ports, if any, on the converter? If I buy an amp or a bass box can I simply plug it into the converter?

I can only assume these are very stupid, novice questions but I'm not quite sure of where to begin since my system seems to have been altered already so I cannot follow the various DIY guides on this forum regarding upgrading the system. I will likely pay someone who knows about this stuff to make any changes but I'm wondering if this seemingly unused converter is a pro or con & what my options are. Any input/tips are/is appreciated.


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