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'05 300C SRT-8 or '06 Charger SRT-8?

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Dealer called. I may be able to trade my 2005 300C SRT-8, with 11,000 miles on it even up for a new 2006 Charger SRT-8 (all options).

What would you do?
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JMatt said:
Dealer called. I may be able to trade my 2005 300C SRT-8, with 11,000 miles on it even up for a new 2006 Charger SRT-8 (all options).

What would you do?
You will know once you sit in the'll keep your C. The Charger is cheaper for a reason. The interior is different. Just looking at the gauges and the long, flat, dull dashboard will have you wanting to jump back into your C. Also, no HID.

DCX is doing a good job keeping the platforms different even though they come from the same parts bin.
TriShield said:
No it isn't. Chrysler uses the same interior in each LX car.

The only differences between the Chrysler and the Dodges are the gauge cluster, air vents, a little analog clock, and the plastic surround on the center stack. Nothing earth shattering. Same materials, parts, colors, suppliers, everything.

The 300 and Charger are two different styles of the same car, either way you're getting the same thing with two different looks.
You obviously haven't seen the Charger up close. They are VERY different. The seats are different. The dash is different. I sat in both side by side yesterday and you're going to be in for a big surprise when your Charger shows up. Just make sure you get the darkest interior you can or you're going to be dissapointed.
kevenj said:
Is there a law that says you have to get rid of the "C" to get the charger? I can't afford one, let alone 2, SRT8's, but if that's a possibility I would do that rather than get rid of the "C".

As for me, the styling of the 300 in any version just look like they got it "right" - - while the Charger looks "ok". Very subjective of course but you asked for opinions.

Also things like HID, the power adjust steering wheel, just make the 300 version classier to me. Also I have been told that Chargers have a cheep hood prop rather than gas cylinders to hold the hood up. If that is true, that fact alone would make me keep the 300. Hood props belong on Corollas and Accords!
Yep, you're right on all counts. They are going for a different market and all of the points you've made are valid.

I was going to buy the Charger but it isn't as nice as my 300C so taking a downgrade for the 6.1L isn't worth the 85HP, IMHO.

I'm waiting for what I want...loaded 300C SRT-8, all options for $47k. That is only $3K more than a similarly equipped Charger I sat in yesterday plus the power/tele steering, HIDs, rear DVD, BlueTooth and Nav. $3k seems to buy a lot.
TriShield said:
I've driven nearly 40 LX cars since they debuted including the Charger, I am VERY familiar with all of them. Although they changed a few things inside the 300 for 06 they are all minor and cosmetic. Materials are the same in each car. They all have the same quality, richness and cheapness inside.
Well I only OWN one so I guess you're the expert...seriously though, the dash is different. The radio/Nav round and shifter plastic is the same but that's all. Like I said earlier, until you sit in them side by side you don't know what you're talking about.
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