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'05 300C SRT-8 or '06 Charger SRT-8?

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Dealer called. I may be able to trade my 2005 300C SRT-8, with 11,000 miles on it even up for a new 2006 Charger SRT-8 (all options).

What would you do?
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Is there a law that says you have to get rid of the "C" to get the charger? I can't afford one, let alone 2, SRT8's, but if that's a possibility I would do that rather than get rid of the "C".

As for me, the styling of the 300 in any version just look like they got it "right" - - while the Charger looks "ok". Very subjective of course but you asked for opinions.

Also things like HID, the power adjust steering wheel, just make the 300 version classier to me. Also I have been told that Chargers have a cheep hood prop rather than gas cylinders to hold the hood up. If that is true, that fact alone would make me keep the 300. Hood props belong on Corollas and Accords!
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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