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Ok, all.

Had a slight mishap with a large curb last night and scraped up my lower front bumper cover. Thinking I may have/want to replace it but suddenly occurred to me that I may want to replacement it with an modified aftermarket front facia. Anyhow, I remember years ago seeing the ones that came up over the headlamps (i.e. built-in headlight covers) that gave it that Bentley-esk appearance. (I have the 3-D headlight covers from Tommy Z on it now.)

So, thought I should throw out there if anyone can advise who makes these kinds of front bumpers with the incorporated covers, and if anyone can remark regarding the quality of their products, and/or direct me to other threads or comments.

Photos would be VERY helpful as well. It's an '06 300-C.

Thanks in advance for responding.
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