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Hello to all
I just recently joined this forum, Being a owner of Chrysler and faced with problems the entire time I have had my 300 .

All started Feb 19 , 2012
Purchased my 2009 Chrysler 300 touring 3.5 l rwd
Being obviously the Second owner

The odometer was exactly 28,009 km. in the 3 years the first owner put on 28,000 km

Got my first oil change done in may records shows me
May 12 / 2012 I was at 33,945 km and everything was good and went on with my business.

Few months down the road had gone to lube city to get oil change maybe save a few bucks and get in and out quickly.

Had service done and the Teck that did the work information me that my differential was sweating a minimal amount . And was told to take it to the dealership.

The odometer was at 37,549

So I went home and a few days had past and commited back and forth and Friday rolls around . A few friends and the wife decided to go have a weekend at the lake.
Everything was fine got there ok and had a great weekend. Sunday coming home about an hour outside my hometown Edmonton . Was in cruise at a 120 km an hour and all of a sudden you could first hear this loud twisting of metal and what you would expect to get from a spun rod bearing at the time I only had an idea that the engine was done not exactly what in the engine was .and just plumes of smoke and a engine was done.

Being only less then half a year owning it
I had full warranty and got it to the dealship .
About 45 mins pass since I dropped off the car and a tech then informed me that the problem exists from a failure on a oil gasket that lube city had installed
And my car was going to Derrick dodge for further assessment.
I was informed that it was not see from a fault from Chrysler and was direct cause of lube city

I asked the service manager well what's going to happen
Lube city has to pay for the cost related to this issue
Ask more in-depth questions
What happens to my warranty and things in that nature

I guess for the big oil change companies to be a certified service provider have to comply with regulations the same responsible as the dealership for direct damages cause directly from there service they provide.

So I get a call from the owner of lube city and he informed me he was extremely sorry for any inconveniences I may have experienced and
Told me that everything would be taken care of
And that I would get a call from dodge as soon as something is updated

So the km being at 38,640
I was expecting a new or similar km to be replaced
And asked Chrysler what I could expect
They said if they can find a used engine the same year
It will still be valid on my warranty

Great ok
Get a call from dodge the next day it's the owner
From lube city and infroms me he had found the same engine with less km
Right on that's awesome so I said. Ok let's do it and a day and a half later I went to dodge and got my car.

I was so happy to get my car back and disregard the fact my remote starter was installed as it came when time I bought it . I don't know I was to happy to get my car back to care or just not notice .

Year and a half passes and living in Alberta being a trades person as an inspector NDT ultrasonic tester
Had lost employment because of sudden job loss in the sector and thousands of Albertans felt the hit.
So she sat for some time and the car was at 78,000 km

2016 she was back on the road had her running all good
And about a month later started having problems with heavy sludge in my oil pan .and did some research about the issue and was quite surprised to find that the 300 from 2005 to 2008 has major problem that in 2009 Chrysler decided to upgrade some of the components engineers suggest . Was reading all the way from fule pumps to other engine components that there advisers suggested except for one the oil pan was not modified
And it was a major problem that still exists in those models today .

Even tho I was doing more then what minimal required before 5000 km or 3 month oil changes and so on.

So I flushed it out a few time as well got Chrysler to do a full system flush.
Everything was good and now it's 2017 Nov 15

The wife and I off to work building cabins for her uncle and sub contractors for knotty pine cabins
Coming off the whitemud onto Anthony Hendry north
All of a sudden a strange noise from passenger side and
My rpm went up and no power to wheels I pulled over an was on a slant facing down so the ass end of the car was higher then the front . I put it on park as soon as I did smoke white smoke coming out and didn't know what it was it was looked brown but it was still dark outside but it appears to be burning when it hits I think the tail pipe not sure but just under the passenger side.
I let it sit for a bit and noting was continuing to leak so started it and yeah limp mode bam . I found that I had no reverse now and when I hit the gas it didn't just reach
A certain rpm no matter how much gas I applied. It would craw with no gas as soon as I touch the gas start to Excel and slips and have to shut off car to get it back into gear .

So got it towed home the driver had the front end of the car up and we both tool a look and couldn't see any transmission leak . Hummm

So finding out Chrysler doesn't supply dipsticks for the transmission and we'll needed a obd2 reader now to
So after dealing with Amazon and getting everything I needed found a few code related to voltage
P0562 System Voltage Low and P0302

And so got a new battery
Installed it and obd2 it again and no codes

Cleared everything and put into reverse noting just revs high put into drive and starts going and slips and new codes come up P0562 P0790

Fluid levels are fine and I have been
Needing help from here
Any ideas
If need be I can and will take pics to reference any thing someone might require.

Thanks hoping to get some work back
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