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1/4 mile ET's

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This is a great forum with loads of information. Would like to see some real ET's to compare to mods done.
I ran my 300C and was somewhat disapointed.

Air Temp - 88 degrees F
Track Temp - 100+
1500 miles on odometer
In Drive, let transmission do it's own thing.
1st Run - 14.850 @ 95.33 mph
2nd Run- 14.814 @ 96.11 mph
3rd Run - 14.846 @ 95.23 mph.

Car is stock. Have Borla exhaust ready to install and Volant intake in the mail. I'll try to post the times after each mod.


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I'm sure the 88 degree outside temp was not helping your times out at all, of course I am pretty sure some on the forum have run lo 14's Stock and close to 100 mph for a trap speed. That is strictly from memory though. My understanding is the best runs are done with ESP off, throwing the tranny in 1 and power braking to about 1500 RPMS
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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