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1/4 mile time for One Lap of America SRT-8

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They just posted results form the 14 mile drag in the One Lap of America race.
the SRT-8 did it in 13.141. Remember, this is a BARELY modified car!
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The car has a lot of mods, but most of them are related to suspension, which doesn't do much for 1/4 mile time. The 295 tires may help get the car going better off the line, but they add a lot of rolling resistance the rest of the way as well. Erich thought the hp gains were maybe 25hp. Anyway, the mods that were done, are readily duplicatable by any of us. Aftermarket exhaust is easy to do. It's not like he lowered compression, and added a supercharger (like many lap of america contestants).

Anyway - it's a nice time, and Erich is doing awesome everywhere he goes! I'm still hopind durability could help him capture at least a top 3 overall. He's in 5th overall now.
I believe he has the 3.06 that the rest of us have. However, the outside diameter of his tires is smaller, which should have the effect of improving his ratio over the rest of us.

And yes - it definitely was a C to start with - and an early one at that. He pointed out the VIN number to me and it was low enough to literally laugh. Wrong colors throughout the interior. Wood trim bits, etc. Lots of things left over from when it was a C.
Actually, it has a Quaife differential. So there's really no telling what ratio he's got. If I see him Saturday, I'll ask. (I forgot that fact in my earlier post).
Ditto what glhs said. Most of those mods have nothing to do with 1/4 mile times.

I'm sure it will handle a road course MUCH better than stock, but I don't think there's much there to improve 1/4 mile times. The changes that were made are easily and commonly done mods by many people anyway.
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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