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1/4 mile time for One Lap of America SRT-8

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They just posted results form the 14 mile drag in the One Lap of America race.
the SRT-8 did it in 13.141. Remember, this is a BARELY modified car!
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The car is so far beyond stock that its #'s mean nothing. When you add that much weight and do that many mods, it just throws too many variables in the mix.
gutted cats, You think there were no ECM changes? Roll cage installed adding weight, cleaned up heads and intake aka ported and polished, are you kidding me, on some cars gutting the cats alone can pick you up 2 tenths and porting and polishing heads and intake can net a half second or more depending on the restriction. I'm sure they do not disclose everything they do to the car. A better hooking suspension, a suspension that hooks worse? who knows? Too much was done to the car to try to compare it to a stock SRT8.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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